Discover the winners of the Sport Tech 2016 event

Discover the winners of the Sport Tech 2016 event

Sarah Daninthe, top level fencer and Digital Communication Project Manager at Openfield, chaired the jury for the Sport Tech contest on June 9. Discover the winners of the Sport Tech 2016 event.

Together with Axelle Lemaire, Secretary of State for Digital Technology, and Thierry Braillard, Secretary of State for Sport, it was Sarah’s responsibility to reward the most innovative projects connecting sports and new technologies.

In partnership with Futur en Seine, this contest was organized by French Tech and the Businesses and Companies Agency (DGE) and took place at the French Department of the Economy, Industry and Digital.

Ninety-six start-ups competed and four of these were awarded prizes.

  • The Public Choice Prize was won by SportPlacer, a booking platform for sports events packages.
  • In the “Sport Preparation” category, the award went to Airéka, an high-tech device for cyclists and triathletes to help improve aerodynamics and therefore performances.
  • In the “Sport Performance” category, the award went to Horseee, a social network for horse riders enabling them to find, book and grade stables and the associated services.
  • In the “Tournament Content and Infrastructure” category, the award went to Peufdaddy, a prototype mobile app that uses snowfall data to give skiers an alarm call at the best time.

Each winner was awarded €20,000.
All 10 finalists attended the official awards ceremony at the Ministry of the Economy of Industry and Digital. The 4 winners were awarded their diplomas by Patrick Kanner, Minister of the City, Youth and Sports. The winners then exhibited at the closing cocktail of the symposium organized by the General Directorate of Enterprises on Sport Economics.

Discover the winning startups of the #SportTech competition on the French Tech website.