Openfield was member of the jury at the Be The Future Hackathon

Be The Future of Sport” was a  Hackathon, organized during the 1st weekend of July by SATT Lutech. This hackathon was dedicated to innovation and new technologies. Openfield was member of the jury at the Be The Future Hackathon. Our CEO in charge of Innovation, Philippe Prudant, was a member of the jury tasked with selecting the most promising projects. Openfield was jury at the Be The Future Hackathon

This competition, dedicated to innovation and new technologies, brought together researchers, engineers, technicians, entrepreneurs, students and plenty of sports fans. During the weekend the projects had to demonstrate technical feasibility, marketability and potential for profitability within a ten-year frame. 

One of the attractions for prizewinners was the average €70,000 investment and support package offered by SATT Lutech, a specialist in technology transfers. The company was created to help transform public research discoveries into real-life applications and its operations are centered around patenting, proofs of concept, start-up creations and licensing. 

The winners will be announced in September. 

The partners in this event included French Tech, the Futur en Seine festival, the incubator Le Tremplin, La Fonderie, Withings, Ubisoft, Maddyness magazine, Sport Stratégies, as well as the Department for Sport and Paris Région Entreprises.

According to Thierry Braillard, Secretary of State for Sport, this competition fits well into this year’s sports calendar: “In 2016, the organization of major international events such as Euro 2016 and the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio represent a huge number of opportunities to drive forward innovative sport development policies”.

To find out more, go to the BeTheFuture website and check out our media.