Openfield will attented to the MIPIM

Openfield will attend to the MIPIM convention

Openfield will attend MIPIM. MIPIM is the annual international market for real estate professionals. In Cannes, on March 14th to 17th, MIPIM brings together the most influential players in the sector, offering incomparable access to a number of development projects and investment sources around the world.

MIPIM offers a unique platform for presentation, connection and business opportunities for developers, real estate advisors, regional authorities, investors, and companies looking for office real estate.

The MIPIM convention :

  • 4 days programme ;
  • more than 400 keynotes and speakers ;
  • more than 23 000 participants ;
  • 2,600+ exhibiting companies ;
  • 90 countries ;
  • 5,300 investors ;
  • 3,800+ CEOs & chairmen ;
  • 100+ conferences.

Our CEO et co-founder, Cyril Smet, will attend to the workshop “How does innovation provide value creation potential for real estate?”

“To meet occupiers needs and challenges, the building has to be smart from its conception on and throughout its lyfe cycle. Building Information Modeling is an answer to value the data for building operation and insights. Services help you to foster collaboration to improve well-being and productivity well optimising real estate costs.”

More informations about the workshop.

Political leaders attending MIPIM 2017

  • Nathalie GILSON, Deputy-Mayor of the City of Ixelles (Brussels) in charge of Town Planning, Architectural Heritage, The Environment and Early Childhood (Belgium)
  • Hannu PENTTILA, Deputy Mayor of City of Helsinki (Finland)
  • Jean-Louis MISSIKA, Deputy Mayor of City Hall of Paris (France)
  • Peter FELDMANN, Lord Mayor of the City of Frankfurt (Germany)
  • Fritz KUHN, Lord Mayor of Stuttgart (Germany)
  • Etienne SCHNEIDER, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of the Economy (Luxembourg)
  • Mariusz WISNIEWSKI, Deputy Mayor of The City of Poznan (Poland)
  • Katrin STJERNFELDT JAMMEH, Mayor of Malmo (Sweden)
  • Sir Edward LISTER, Chairman, HCA, Department of International Trade (United Kingdom)
  • Jules PIPE, Deputy Mayor, Policy & Planning, Greater London Authority (United Kingdom)
  • Howard BERNSTEIN, Chief Executive, Marketing Manchester (United Kingdom)
  • Serhiy KIRAL, Parliament member from Lviv, in charge of investment legislation (Ukraine)
  • Christophe FERRARI, President, Grenoble-Alpes Metropole (France)

Do not miss the MIPIM Convention.

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