Capital Magaazine interviewing Openfield

Openfield is a “Compagny to follow in 2017” by

“The companies to follow in 2017, in this section, the filmed interviews of these managers and non-standard business leaders who knew how to make a difference. They give us the keys to their success and explain how they have generated, taken over or developed their organization around their passions, their values, their asperities and their own qualities … Brilliant and committed, they created the opportunity To undertake and create, to progress and sometimes even to transform the world – or a part of the world – in which they live. Beautiful examples to discover of these companies to follow in 2017!

Capital Magazine interviewed the co-founders of Openfield Cyril & Nicolas SMET as well as Damien Lecarreaux, Head of Ticketing & Public Relations at France Galop.

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