Openfield au Marketing mobile forum

Openfield participates to the Mobile Marketing Forum Paris

For its fourth edition, the Mobile Marketing Forum Paris stands out as the key event for Mobile Marketing in France.

This event is created by the Mobile Marketing Association France, (MMA) and its theme this year: “How mobile makes your marketing more smart?” We will talk about chatbots, machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data, etc. The goal is to discover how these innovations are revolutionizing application design, data management, advertising, commerce or customer relationships.

Openfield participates in the Mobile Marketing Forum Paris on December 7, 2017.

Openfield participe au Mobile Marketing Forum Paris 2017

The event will be organized around seven major themes:

  • smart marketing,
  • smart retail,
  • smart localization,
  • smart vidéo,
  • smart CRM,
  • smart innovation,
  • and smart acquisition.

How mobile makes your marketing more smart?

Smart Marketing.

Is the mobile enforcing marketing in real time?
The mobile habitus consumers to a real time service and accessible 24/7. How do brands adapt their information system, marketing and organization to meet these new expectations? Stock access, conversational apps, click & collect, delivery within the hour are they the answer to those customers in a hurry?

Smart Retail.

How to invent the analytics of the point of sale?
And if the salvation of traditional retail was through the appropriation of e-commerce codes to better know its customers? Can we have the same level of knowledge of visitors in shop? Wifi, beacon, NFC, … is the choice of technologies essential for the success of a data-in-store project?

Smart Localization.

Tell me where you are, I’ll tell you who you are.
Geolocation, the real peculiarity of mobile marketing, seems to be entering a new phase. Between respect for privacy & personalization of the service, how to find the right combo to offer a new customer experience?

Smart vidéo.

360 vidéo, Live, AR … When the King advertising format changes to mobile-first.
Long reduced to a simple declination of television, mobile video now multiplies innovations: live by mobile users, square or vertical format, audio and subtitles, 360 ° format, augmented reality or virtual reality. But are advertisers ready to give up the 30-second and 16-ninth spots? Are the performances of the campaigns always at the rendez-vous? How to reconcile video uses and brand goals? Augmented and virtual realities can they really appeal to the general public?

Smart CRM.

How to automate your customer relationship on mobile?
SMS, Email or now Push or chatbots, it’s time to automate marketing on mobile devices. How to deploy these solutions? What is the contribution of AI? What are the best practices ? For what ROI?

Smart innovation.

Quel future pour le mobile?

Smart Acquisition.

After the cross device, the muti touch.
In the space of a few years, customer journeys have become considerably more complex. The prospect multiplies not only the screens (computer, tablet, smartphone, …) or interfaces (Web, apps, Bots) but also consults many media before making his decision. How to get out of the “last click” logic in order to build a multitouch strategy of “Smart Acquisition”?


Some names of speakers.

  • Gilles Babinet, Digital Champion of France European Commission;
  • Axelle Lemaire, ex-Secretary of State for Digital;
  • Joël de Rosnay, scientist, prospective and writer;
  • Docteur Laurent Alexandre, NBIC.


The 2016 edition in figures:

  • 5 round-tables
  • 33 speakers
  • 406 participants
  • 1763 tweet #MMAFP.

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