customer paths can be processed every second
people arrived late at games in our connected stadiums during the season 2018-2019
is the average opening rate of our contextual campaigns
points of contact are currently connected to our DMP
Collect & enrich

Data Factory

We collect, analyze and enrich all data generated as people interact with your brand’s physical venues and digital ecosystems.Our algorithms enable us to model every customer’s journey in real-time and predict behavior to help us enhance this experience and optimize your asset management.

Visualize & understand

Business Desk

We cross-analyze and explore in depth data flows that have never been associated before, to see what they have to tell you. From GéoBI™ spatial visualization to business dashboards, our solution turns your raw data into an easy to read and use, truly exceptional collaborative tool.

Decide & act

Business Management

Our integrated Customer Relationship Management solution gives you access to your B2B and B2C customer portfolio. The Business Management module is connected to our Data Factory, and enables real-time geo-targeted marketing campaigns, as well as day to day commercial opportunities tracking and customer services management.